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On the Clients page you can add new clients, search for clients you have invited already and apply several filters to display your list of clients in an organized way.

Adding a new client

Click on ‘Add new client’ to create a new care plan for a client.

Searching for a client

Find your client by searching for them by email address:

Or date of birth:


You can filter your list of clients in the following ways:

  • Clients: those who have accepted your invitation.

  • Not accepted: these clients have not yet accepted your invitation.

  • Archived: every client you have archived.

  • Shared: care plans that have been shared with you.

  • Just questionnaire: will only show care plans that contain at least one questionnaire.

  • Active: clients who have been active on the platform in the last week.

  • Inactive: client who have not been active in the last two weeks.

  • Alphabetical: based on last name.

  • Last activity: the client who has been active most recently will appear on top of the list.

User Guides for Professionals

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