Two-factor authentication in the browser

There are several options to work with two-factor authentication without the use of a mobile phone. In this article we use a browser extension for  Google Chrome but this also works for  Firefox or Edge.

Download an extension

Click here to download the extension from the Chrome Webstore and click "Add to Chrome" to install the extension.

Activate the extension

First click on the puzzle piece (1) and then click on the pin icon (2). This will pin the QR code icon of the extension to your address bar. 

Log in to the platform

Go to Therapieland or Gezondeboel and log in with your email address and password. To set up two-factor authentication click on "Start". If you do not see this screen and you are asked for a token straightaway, but you haven't set up an account in the app please send us an email at or with '2fa reset' in the subject line and wait for our reply.

Scan QR code

First click on the QR code icon (1) and then click on the pencil icon (2). Click on '+' and choose 'Scan QR code'.

Scan the QR code by dragging the cursor from the top-left corner while holding down the left mouse button on windows or by clicking and holding down the mouse on a mac and then releasing the button when you reach the bottom-right corner.

Copying the token

If no six-digit code appears after you click on the QR code icon, try repeating the previous step. If a six-digit token appears click on it to copy it and then paste it into the form on the website.


Setting up two-factor authentication in the authenticator app

To set up two-factor authentication in an authenticator app you have to follow a number of steps. We describe these in this article: Setting up two-factor authentication

If you are having trouble setting up or using two-factor authentication please have a look at the solutions we provide here first: Tweefactorauthenticatie oplossingen

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