How to download the dossier - for clients

All assignments you work on and every questionnaire you fill in in a treatment are added to your dossier. You can download these data separately for each treatment you are working on. 

Export treatment progress

All treatments you are working on are in your care plan. On the Care Plan page you can find an overview of them. To download the dossier of a certain treatment you have to click on the name of it first, so that you land on the treatment's overview page.

At the top of the page, underneath the name of the treatment it says 'Export treatment progress'. When you click on this a zip file is created and downloaded. In this zip file you will find a pdf with the name of the treatment and, when the treatment contains questionnaires as well, you will find these in a separate file.

You can save these files on your device or maybe print them. The file wil contain the text of the assignments as well as your answers, so it will give you a nice overview of the entire treatment.

You can download a pdf of every treatment you are working on in this way. Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to do this for the entire care plan at once. If you are working on several treatments you can only download the data of them one by one.

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