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We have upgraded our platform. That is why some features might be different than what you were used to. In this series of articles we will discuss the most important changes per topic. This article is about sending an invitation to fill out a questionnaire. There are articles about displaying the results of a questionnaire and downloading the results as well.
Please have a look at the other articles as well and get to know more about the differences between our old and new platforms: The New Platform - for professionals

Sending out a questionnaire

This is how it worked before

You sent out a questionnaire by clicking on the purple questionnaire icon and then on 'New questionnaire'. 

After that you could create a new client, select one or more questionnaires or an existing set and send out the invitation. A client would receive the invitation via email and did not have to log in to the platform to fill out the questionnaire.

This is how it works now

By clicking on 'Questionnaires' in the menu you can explore the questionnaires that are available for your organisation. Here you can also search for a specific questionnaire and add one to a client's care plan.
It is not possible to review the content of a questionnaire. 

To send out a questionnaire to a new client, you create a new client and a new care plan first. You can do this from the Clients page. The client will receive an invitation to create an account and has to log in to the platform after that to fill out the questionnaire from within the care plan. You are no longer able to indicate that the email address you have entered belongs to someone else and not to the client itself.
If you want to send a questionnaire to an existing client you can add the questionnaire to this client's care plan. They will get a notification about it.

Read more about the differences between our old and new platforms:

The New Platform - for professionals

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