Viewing the content of a treatment - the new platform

We have upgraded our platform. That is why some features might be different than what you were used to. In this series of articles we will discuss the most important changes per topic. This article is about viewing the content of a treatment.
Please have a look at the other articles as well and get to know more about the differences between our old and new platforms: The New Platform - for professionals

This is how it worked before

By searching for a treatment on the Programs page you could view the content and read information about the treatment. In the column on the left you could find a menu with all the steps and you could read the content in the column on the right. When a treatment had a social environment you could find information about it in the menu. This step would only be visible for professionals, not for clients. The information provided in the social environment would be accessible for people who had been invited for it by a client. 

This is how it works now

You can still search for treatments and view the content, the page is now called Treatments. You can filter the results by target group: children, youth and adults. You are only able to view the content of treatments that are in your package

In the Introduction tab you can find information about the treatment and you can view the steps in the Content tab. You can look at the steps one by one or expand all of them at once by clicking on the Expand all button.

In the Introduction tab you can download an overview of the content, review the literature on which the treatment was based and read more about the target group for the treatment. Information about the social environment is not visible for professionals anymore. This information is only available to clients.

Read more about the differences between our old and new platforms:

The New Platform - for professionals

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