Taking over a client from a colleague - the new platform

We have upgraded our platform. That is why some features might be different than what you were used to. In this series of articles we will discuss the most important changes per topic. This article is about taking over a client from a colleague.
Please have a look at the other articles as well and get to know more about the differences between our old and new platforms: The New Platform - for professionals

This is how it worked before

To take over a client from a colleague you had to send an invitations for the program the client had already started with your colleague. When the client accepted that inviation you could monitor this client's progress as well.

This is how it works now

You can now add another collegue to a client's care plan yourself. To add an extra professional to a care plan you go to the Clients page and click on the name of the client in question to open the care plan. On the right side of the page you see a list of professionals who have access to this care plan. Here you can add another professional. To do this click on the person icon with the plus sign next to it, this will open a popup screen in which you can look up a colleague.

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Enter the name of the colleague you want to give access into the search field. 

When you have found the colleague you click on the name and subsequently on 'Add'. Your colleague wil receive an invitation via email and their name will appear in the list of professionals that can access the care plan.

In this way you are able to add multiple professionals to a care plan.


When you have added another professional and it is not necessary that you keep access to a care plan you can archive it. To do this go to the care plan and click on 'Archive'. You will be given the option to download the care plan now, but you can still do this at a later time from the Archive page. Archiving a care plan is irreversible, you will not be able to reactivate them yourself, but the Helpdesk will be able to do this for you.

Read more about the differences between our old and new platforms:

The New Platform - for professionals

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