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We have upgraded our platform. That is why some features might be different than what you were used to. In this series of articles we will discuss the most important changes per topic. This article is about filling out questionnaires.
Please have a look at the other articles as well and get to know more about the differences between our old and new platforms: The New Platform - for clients

This is how it worked before

You would receive an email with an invitation by a professional to fill out a questionnaire. By clicking on the link you could start filling out the questionnaire immediately. You did not have to activate an account for the platform first.

This is how it works now

You will still receive an invitation via email, but now you need to have an active account for Therapieland or Gezondeboel to fill out a questionnaire. When you click on 'See invitation' in the email and you do not have an active account yet, you will be asked to complete your registration first. You do that by creating a password for the platform.

When you have completed your registration and are logged in to the platform you will find the questionnaire you were invited to complete in your care plan. Click on 'go to questionnaire' to see information about the questionnaire.

You will land on a page where you can see how many questions the questionnaire has and how long it would take, approximately, to fill out. It is possible to start with a part of the questions first and then come back later to fill out the rest. By clicking on 'go to questionnaire' again you open the questionnaire and can get started filling it out.

Filling out a questionnaire about someone else

When you have been invited to fill out a questionnaire about someone else this works differently. In that case, you do not have to activate an account, but you will receive a code via email with which you can access the questionnaire. We explain the full process on our support page.

Read more about the differences between our old and new platforms:

The New Platform - for clients

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