Downloading and printing a treatment

programma voortgang printen

Our treatments have been developed to work on online, but it is also possible to download a pdf with the content of a treatment and print it. When you download a treatment all texts from the treatment and the exercises will appear in the pdf, together with our answers.


You can download a treatment by going to your care plan and clicking on the treatment you want to download. At the top of the page will see the name of the treatment and below that it says 'Export treatment progress'. When you click on that a zip file will be created. In this zip file you will find a pdf with the name of the treatment and in it are all the texts from the treatment, the exercises and your answers as well.

Een voorbeeld van een pdf-bestand van een programma.


To print the treatment you open the pdf file and click on the printer icon in the menu. When you have a printer installed you can now choose whether you want to print te entire treatment or just the couple of pages that you need.

Downloading the care plan

If you would like to download the entire care plan this article explains how to do that: How to download the dossier - for clients

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