I no longer want my professional to have access to my data

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When you have been invited by a professional for one or more treatments than that professional has access to your assignments and questionnaires from that treatment. You have given permission for this when you accepted the invitation to work on a treatment. When you want to withdraw this permission you can do that in the following way.

Who has access?

When you go to your care plan you will see your treatments and questionnaires in the column on the left and in the column on the right you will see which professionals have access to this care plan. 

Withdrawing permission

If you no longer want your professional to have access to your treatments and your data you have to ask the professional to close your file. You can contact your professional directly by clicking on the blue text balloon next to their name. When the professional has closed your file they will no longer have access to your data and management of this data will be transferred to Therapieland/Gezondeboel.

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You can also reach us by phone, from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 17.00h via 020-7712848 for Therapieland or via 020-8545108 for Gezondeboel.

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